‘Cabinet Card Curiosities’ BFCM Sale

You’ve seen them stacked in drawers and piled in baskets at antique malls and estate sales…cabinet cards.  They contain fabulous imagery and give us a fascinating glimpse into late 19th century life.  Wouldn’t it be fun to take these relics and embellish them with paint, thread and metal…perhaps give them an animal companion they didn’t know they needed?  Drawing upon skills derived from jewelry making, you will cut out and fabricate a stand-alone piece of art that can be prominently displayed on a shelf.  Join in this creative workshop to take these images from flat to flamboyant!

You will learn how to:

  • choose cabinet cards that best work for this project and some of their history
  • set up and use a jeweler’s saw to cut out the images
  • add animals, flowers or other images to the originals and cut out as a seamless whole
  • accent your designs with decorative stitching
  • print on fabric to create wings and several different methods of stiffening the fabric
  • use washi paper tape in new ways for embellishment
  • create and use masks as an aid in embellishment
  • cold connections for adding hats, crowns, wings and other dimensional items to the cards
  • work with metal (cutting, shaping, drilling)


Supply list (hover over word to activate link):  A full supply list will be provided with class registration, but I want you to know that there are a few tools and supplies that are essential for completion of this project so that you may budget accordingly.  You will learn how to use these tools and supplies in class and I believe they are a good investment for future projects…you won’t use them just this once!

  • jeweler’s saw frame-my favorite one has a large cutting area for more versatility.
  • saw blades-I recommend the size 6 which has the largest cutting teeth…DON’T order 6/0 because this size has tiny teeth!
  • v-slot bench pin-this provides a supportive surface to saw upon
  • hole punch-my favorite is this one and I will tell you why in class!  OR
  • Fiskar’s hand drill-I have had mine for about 20 years and it is still going strong!
  • cabinet cards-can be found at antique malls and on eBay and ETSY.

Would you like to get some inspiration from the wonderful work created by past workshop participants?  Take a peek at the video below…


“I will tell ya and I ain’t blowing smoke-this class was revolutionary for me!  It opened sooooooo many new doors.  The tools I got for this class I use ALL the time!”

“This workshop has a unique end product that is very customizable.  An idea generator!”

“Stephanie is very creative…she shares her artistic “secrets” from mistakes made to materials suggestions and uses.”

“I learned a lot of new things to jazz up my art!”

“This class allowed me to learn new techniques and to expand my creativity!”

“Stephanie is very organized and her pacing of class and teaching style are just wonderful…”




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Hope to see you in the classroom!

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