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Light.  We all love it and the effect it can have on our mood, life and art.  In this innovative class you will oversee the marriage of textiles and encaustic wax medium, which will then be lit from within to result in beautiful art with an ambient glow!

You will learn how to:

  • create fabric on your computer from your favorite images to personalize your art house!
  • work with encaustic wax medium and its multitude of applications in mixed media collage and assemblage!
  • construct sturdy panels from fabric and wax!
  • accent your designs with decorative stitching!
  • use cold connections to add interest and structure!


Supply list (hover over word to activate link):  A full supply list will be provided with class registration, but I want you to know that there are a few tools and supplies that are essential for completion of this project so that you may budget accordingly.  You will learn how to use these tools and supplies in class and I believe they are a good investment for future projects…you won’t use them just this once!  I will be teaching you how to create your own imagery for your fabric panels in the workshop, but don’t worry if you feel you aren’t computer savvy enough to get through that part…I will provide several sheets of panel imagery for you to use!

Would you like to get some inspiration from the wonderful work created by past workshop participants?  Take a gander at the video below…


“I took this class “live” and loved it.  I still admire my little lighthouses.  I encourage anyone thinking about doing this class to take the plunge!”

“Best.  Class.  Ever.”

“I just wanted to let you know again how very much I enjoyed this class!  I just loved the little houses and cannot wait to finish decorating mine and to make more of them.  I really appreciated your teaching style and how available you were to help out and answer questions.  I hope to join you for another class somewhere down the line!”

“Your workshop at ArtFest was stimulating and gave me confidence in my own abilities to express myself through my art.  I too work carefully and methodically and sometimes I felt that those were not qualities found in a “true” artist and their work.  But you showed me that the way you work is part of your style and your artistic voice and yes, there is room for artists like us in the world!  Thank you!”

“I have my two little light houses proudly displayed in our family room.  This class is awesome!”

“I’ve loved all of your classes, but this one is my favorite!”


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Hope to see you in the classroom!

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