Over The Edge Updates


Registration has closed for Over The Edge…sorry!  It will reopen October 15, 2017, so click below if you would like to be the first to hear about it and early-bird pricing!

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Meanwhile, you can watch a video of what past participants have created:

Or, read some unsolicited testimonials!

“I loved the fact that your nail polish did not distract me from the project!  It drives me crazy when I’m trying to concentrate on what is going on in the video and I keep getting distracted by wild nail polish colors!”

“Her class is absolutely wonderful!   It’s loaded with more information than any I have taken in the past from others!”

“Her workshop was very fun and quirky. She offered many ideas and suggestions. She was very thorough in her teaching and had several detailed videos with instruction. She is always quick to answer questions and she offers a private Facebook page for students where they can show their work to one another. And even when we thought we had learned it all, Stephanie notified us she had added additional videos to her online workshop with more ideas she wanted to share!”

“I have so enjoyed the videos… loved how you talked about “why” you do things instead of just plopping them down!!!”

“Stephanie, you did a great job! The recordings are nice and clear, you speak so well that there’s no question about what you’re saying and you covered all the details!  I love the class!”

“It’s a wonderful and very inspiring class…”

“I have to say this workshop is well worth it. Stephanie is a fabulous instructor. I have bought lots of online workshops and never looked at them let alone made something. I have watched all of “Over the Edge” but haven’t made anything yet, but I have to say I think I can with this workshop!”