Studio Rubiano Workshops Policy

Please read carefully…especially the bits in bold type…

  1. I accept PayPal payments only.  To receive the workshop information after you register, your PayPal email MUST match the email where you expect to receive workshop information.  If they do not match, you might not receive the workshop information.
  2. Online workshop reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  3. Registration fee includes “lifetime” access to all videos 24/7, PDF files as stated in the workshop description, and access to a private online community group.  I am defining “lifetime” as you will be able to view the videos and access the collage sheets for as long as I am able to physically and mentally maintain this classroom website.
  4. Technical support is NOT included.  Participants should have basic computer skills, a high-speed internet connection, the ability to watch videos and download PDF files.
  5. Your registration for the workshop will be confirmed via email within 48 hours (but probably much, much sooner!) and will contain further information regarding the workshop.
  6. Workshop content will be available 24/7 once you enter your password for the classroom.
  7. All workshop content is copyrighted.  This includes videos, instructions, PDF files, etc.  The workshop content, in part or in whole, may not be taught, reproduced, or resold without my prior written consent.
  8. Abuse of password privileges or sharing of content with unregistered persons will result in cancellation of your registration.  This is considered stealing…so please don’t do it.
  9. By registering for this class, you agree to these policy terms as outlined here.
  10. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding these policies.  Thank you, Stephanie.

Policy enforcer

Winifred, Policy Enforcer

(you do NOT want to make her mad…at least not any more than she evidently already is…)